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The importance of considering local requirements/resources: a VI case study

Fishbeck was retained by a national developer to design and oversee construction of a new chain restaurant in West Michigan. The site selected by the developer was distressed but situated in a prime location. As many national companies do, they had a national contract with an out-of-state consulting firm to manage their environmental needs, including VI evaluation and design of a sub-slab vapor mitigation system. As part of our corporate goal of seeking opportunities to provide our clients with value added services, Fishbeck offered a third-party review of the consulting firms recommendations, at no cost to the client. This evaluation produced two very significant issues of interest to the client:

1) the client had not taken advantage of State of Michigan Brownfield funding sources to offset the cost of the vapor mitigation system; and

2) the vapor mitigation system design was not consistent with the State of Michigan standards.

Well into the project and having missed critical timelines for obtaining state funding, the client was interested in seeing if they could receive any benefits from the State brownfield program; however, they were not interested in delaying progress on the site development. Fishbeck’s Brownfield redevelopment team was able to obtain funding on an expedited basis allowing the project to continue as planned and receive reimbursement for both redesign of the vapor mitigation system to bring it up to State of Michigan standards and construction of the vapor mitigation system.

Takeaways from this experience: start planning for the impact of environmental needs, especially vapor intrusion, early in the development process to minimize project delays and backend complications, and pursue incentives to help offset Brownfield expenses.


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