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Project Highlight: Industrial Superfund Site in the Silicon Valley Bioremediated for VOCs

FTCH designed and implemented a full-scale bio treatability study in the source area of the Former Teledyne Semiconductor Superfund cleanup site in Silicon Valley, California. The study demonstrated that enhanced reductive dechlorination (ERD) is effective in the destruction of chlorinated solvents. The study has provided the basis to change the cleanup remedy in the Record of Decision (ROD) from pump-and-treat to ERD. Full scale design/implementation work consisted of approximately 150 injection/recirculation wells in three impacted groundwater zones and emulsified soybean oil was injected as the carbon source. After the remedy was implemented, performance monitoring data have been supporting the conclusion that ERD has been highly successful in abating the solvent contamination.

FTCH is nationally recognized for its ability to solve environmental contamination problems. The remediation group serves clients with interest in the areas of management, regulations (CERCLA, RECRA, LUST, State Cleanup Programs), engineering, biology, chemistry, hydrogeology, and contaminant fate and transport. Our remediation services include investigations, risk analysis, alternative analysis, remedial action plans, design, construction, operations, and performance monitoring. Our environmental remediation services cover all media and exposure pathways to the human health and the environment; air, groundwater, surface water and wetlands.

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