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PFAS in food packaging - New study released.

An investigation on food packaging from several U.S. grocery stores (Ahold Delhaize, Albertsons, Kroger, Trader's Joe and Whole Foods - Amazon) was performed by the Safer Chemicals Healthy Families and Toxic-Free Future and the results were released today.

The tested food packages included take-out containers, bakery or deli paper, single-use plate, tray for cook-at-home food and baking or cooking supplies. Among these, take-out containers and bakery/deli paper were the packaging with the most hits for PFAS.

PFAS are highly persistent chemicals that have been found to contaminate drinking water all across the world. It is suspected that when used in food packaging, the chemicals can leach out to the food being carried on the package, ingested by people or reach municipal composts, and later the environment.

Because of the growing concern regarding PFAS, the findings of the study indicate that retailers should take action on reducing the flow of PFAS into our food, bodies and the environment by replacing treated items with PFAS-free items. Action by policymakers and others are also important to reduce PFAS contamination.

You can see the study report here.

For questions on PFAS, contact our task force

Fernanda Wilson, PhD | (616)464-3752 | Environmental Engineering Lead

Dan Greene, CPG | (616)464-3761 | Hydrogeological Science Lead

John Willemin, PE | (616)464-3801 | Water Engineering Lead

Dave Filipiak, CHMM | (616)464-3743 | Wastewater Engineering Lead

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