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New Changes in Air Emissions Fees Charged for Title V Facilities

While the Michigan legislature is working hard to get a State budget in place before the end of their fiscal year on September 30, they will also be reviewing the new Air Emissions Fees charged for Title V facilities and other sources of air emissions. New fees for Title V “opt-out” facilities are included, with most facilities paying fees as a Title V “opt-out” being assessed $250. As one might expect, most facilities will be paying more in fees for the next four years, but the fees are lower than originally proposed because of a separate $2 million in General Fund money. The Senate bill is available here and it includes a description of the new fees and how they are calculated.

If you have any questions, please contact our Senior Chemical Engineer and Air Quality Expert Lillian and she will help you calculate your new fee!

Lillian Woolley

llwoolley@ftch.com (248) 324-4785