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Muskegon Lake Redevelopment

Updated: Jun 4, 2021

A recent video provides information on various redevelopment projects ongoing around Muskegon Lake in Muskegon, MI: Adelaide Pointe, The Docks, Windward Pointe and Harbor 31. Fishbeck has been actively working on most of these projects in varying capacities, including the Windward Pointe project. For this project, Fishbeck is providing assistance with identifying, securing and managing incentives, and assessment and management of various legacy environmental issues associated with the former Sappi Fine Paper mill site, which closed in 2009. A century ago, the paper mill was one of the main economical drivers in the area. To date, a significant effort has been undertaken to improve groundwater quality. These efforts are ongoing to further improve site conditions. All efforts related to site improvement work are carefully discussed with regulators and local stakeholders. This redevelopment will greatly enhance the aesthetics and environmental conditions of the lakeshore and improve economic opportunity throughout this area. The full article can be found here: ‘Hidden gem’ discovered: Muskegon Lake ripe for redevelopment.

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