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Fishbeck Presents at the 2019 Battelle Symposium

The Fifth International Symposium on Bioremediation and Sustainable Environmental Technologies (Battelle Symposium) was held in Baltimore, MD last week. The symposium included three short courses, 48 technical sessions, 4 panel discussions, and more than 470 platform and poster presentations.

The event provided its attendees with valuable insights on the development, implementation, use, and results of advanced tools for assessment and monitoring bioremediation strategies at various types of complex sites. The symposium highlighted techniques for assessment and remediation of many types of contaminants, including chlorinated solvents and PFAS.

During the event, Fishbeck was honored with the opportunity to present Platforms describing two successful projects performed by our Remediation Team:

Chlorinated Solvent Source Area Remediation: Combining Biotic and Abiotic Enhanced Reduction Approaches. F.P. Wilson, M.S. Apgar, B.E. Gillett, D. Leigh, and J. Valkenburg.

Presented by Fernanda Paes Wilson

Destruction of a Source Area through Establishment of Biobarriers and Optimized Delivery of Emulsified Vegetable Oil. M.D. Colvin, M.S. Apgar, P.A. Lepczyk, and K. Chiang.

Presented by Michael Colvin

You can find the complete program for the conference here.

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