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EPA Will Lift the Stay on the Turbine NESHAPs for Gas-Fired Turbines

USEPA has proposed a rule that will lift the stay on the turbine NESHAPs for gas-fired turbines which has been in effect since August 18, 2004. This means that gas-fired turbines located at major sources constructed after January 14, 2003 will be required to meet a 91 ppb formaldehyde limit included in the original standard once the rule has been finalized which is expected some time next year.

Industry groups are negotiating with USEPA to allow additional time for installing catalytic oxidation as it will likely be required for turbines that do not already employ this control equipment. The standard will stay exactly the same as it was originally promulgated – though USEPA is making some changes to the rule language on startup, shutdown and malfunction to reflect recent court decisions.

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