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EPA Validated a Laboratory Method to Test PFAS in Wastewater, Surface Water, Groundwater and Soils

For the last few years the environmental industry has relied heavily on the modified method 537 to test PFAS in water, although the EPA 537 method was developed specifically for drinking water. On September 2nd, 2021, EPA released the draft method for PFAS in Non-Potable Water and Solids, the EPA Method 1633. According to USEPA Administrator Michael S. Regan, “This new testing method advances the science and our understanding of PFAS in the environment, so we can better protect people from exposure.”

EPA 1633 method is not scheduled to undergo third party validation until 2022, meaning that the final published method will not be officially released until possibly 2023. However, USEPA is recommending that this draft method be used currently for NPDES permit development and compliance monitoring. Also, the draft provides much needed guidance for environmental professionals and laboratories for testing non-potable water and solids.

The official EPA announcement can be found here.